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The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance

by Daniel Rylander

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    The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance: an acoustic, ukulele EP to keep the good times rolling in the summer, and keep the summertime vibes alive in the winter. No matter what the season, you won't be able to stop listening to the catchy tunes on this record. Wrapped in plastic, protected by a state-of-the-art card board sleeve, order your copy today! Album photography by Vanessa Gullo.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Your hands are shaking, My hearts breaking down. Can you hear the silence in the sound, Of the rain that falls so hard And hits the floor? Is it my fault if I want you more? The time is now, we're all alone; The door is locked, hang up your phone; And I'll prove to you my love is true. I love that color in your eyes, Like the deep blue of a midnight sky. And girl I love you like no other. So let me melt in your arms, And keep me safe from all harm. Let's not talk; just listen to the beating, Of a broken heart that forgot how to sing. And all those words that you kept on repeating, Cut me deeper as I found out they were lies. And now your tears, Have found a place to rest here in my eyes. And girl, have you seen: The way that you light up my skies, Whenever you're with me? Dance this one last time with me, Before I'm just a memory. 'Cause when we used to touch, I came alive. And for a moment you were mine. Just lie down, and forget all about him. And when you start to sweat; Just look into my eyes. And all the lights as they start to dim; Go on take off your dress, Let's see if you can swim. And when you come down, I'll hold my breathe and I'll take you in. And girl, one last time; It'll break my heart but I'll let you win, And still you'll beg for more.
She left me for the shoreline, The sunshine and the Golden Gate. And the Golden State did claim her. Now I have never loved no one, That makes me feel quite like you do. And I'd marry you, If you'd have me. But no, you can't do that. You'd be letting down your past. And you've been dying to get back, To that life you left intact. I am me and you are you, Both so empty inside. Two weeks of sunsets and hot sex, On a beach where all your days did wane. Blurred by cheap champagne. You got a sunburn. And he could give a damn, If it turned into a tan. But you gave him all you could, And now he's gone for good. And I hope it hurts like hell, Every time you go to sleep. I hope you burn, burn, burn. So you can know all the hurt and pain you cause me, I hope you burn.
Hello beautiful, it's true. Should I be afraid of losing you? Be strong, I won't be long in time. I'm dying to find that finish line, I hope you're there. And I've never been so afraid, But you ain't that anxious to leave, baby. Bittersweet goodnight's by your car. Awake, but we're dreaming; The stars in your eyes, girl. Stop time and press your lips to mine. You first, say the words and go. I'm dying to say that I, 'I told you so'. Your skin, so close to mine pulls me in, And I'll make a home out of your bones, And call it paradise. And I've never been so at peace, To sleep with the tears in your eyes, baby. I'll float down your cheeks with the tide, my love. Saltwater dreams with the breezes of spring, And death couldn't stop me; Oh, if he tried. And heaven's just a happy mistake; The clouds are made of cotton balls, I think I'll jump the gate. And take this dream to where you often sleep; The sun it shines much brighter there, On the edge of Timbercreek. Goodbye to lonely nights on the inside, When the moon decides he's going to hide, And sing the clouds to sleep. And let the rain slip through their fingertips; When I think of you, You're my sunshine. So come out and take me away; To where clouds and their tears can't be, baby. Unless we are safe and inside all night; Your arms feel just like home, I'll never be alone. We'll fall asleep to the sound of rain on skylights. And heaven's where your fingertips touch mine. And every glance you cast at me, baby Sends shivers down my spine. 'Cause I'll always long to see you smile. So stay here and lie with me, oh darling, Just for awhile.
The wind blows calmly, Through your blonde hair. Flooded eyes; broken stare. Starbursts of color, Flying through your eyes. Floating like flowers down the stream to anywhere. Jet-lines pierce this once blue summer sky; And awkward silences show the fate in our goodbyes. No more lies to hide, No more rights or wrongs. I know you're getting homesick, baby. 'Cause I've kept you here so long. And girl stay alone with me; Oh, please baby stay. You know you mean the world to me, And I'm so sick of crying... Myself to sleep. So take me back, and we'll run away; We'll fall asleep, as we cast away. We'll take these dreams, And we'll make them ours. Don't wake me up, 'Cause I'm dreaming in your arms. Oh, you stole from me, My summer dreams. I wear my heart on my sleeve; Across these faded moon beams. Oh, that summer dress. Boy, you made a mess of this perfect moving ending, And all the times that we've been spending here alone (here alone).
I've been to my share of one too many funerals, And I can't replace the ones you love. I fell for the chase and not for the one I was chasing, Oh, and you'll learn to hate what I become. And I could tell you anything you wanted to hear, But the truth is all you need. And I could try, To pull myself down from the heights of the attic. I'm so high, I'm not a bad guy I just got my bad habits, You could try to be understanding. I held that girl close and told her that I loved her, As we lay there kissing in the dark. I hate to be the one to bring up incandescence, But I can't seem to find my... Sparks, I said that I would and I'll try but forget it, I see stars; Forgot my head in the clouds, Memory is pathetic. I'm so high, so be understanding.
Usher in the evening with a lively melody, And hang up all your worries; Darling, the first round's all on me. And maybe if we're quiet he'll never know. So sever the power lines, So that the sun will cease to shine, Besides the low-light brings out your eyes. And if the dancing's too slow, We'll call a cab and send everybody home. 'Bored folks find themselves romancing.' Was all she said in hopes of finding herself alone. It's never been so exhausting, To think about loving you. My escape's at the bottom of a lonely bottle, In a world with a blurry view. And maybe if I'm too loud you'll hear me now. Tonight is the night we can live it up, And soon comes the morning. So make those hits count, There's no backing out now... You sneeze and it's snowing.
I love the feeling I get when my fingers touch your skin, Breathe in deep and laugh for no reason. When your eyes meet my eyes, and we put out the light. And look at how the stars on your ceiling; They glow, as the moon starts to call out: 'Hey you, where did you go?' 'Cause all that I wanted to say was: Goodnight, goodnight. Goodnight, oh my sunshine. 'Cause I'll wait up all night, Fitting phrases and letters, Into envelopes of melody and mail them to forever Signing, 'goodnight, oh my sunshine.' I get the feeling you love it when the conversations ended, And everything you knew begins to change. But your thoughts start to wander, and your eyes can't help but show it; But close them now and just lie down, I'm here to stay. But wait, can't you hear the birds singing? As the traces of daylight begin to peek through the blinds. Yet all that I can think to say is: Goodnight, goodnight. Goodnight, oh my sunshine. And I'll wait up all night, Fitting phrases and letters, Into envelopes of melody and mail them to forever Signing, 'goodnight, oh my sunshine.'


The second studio album of Daniel Rylander, "The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance" is an acoustic, ukulele EP featuring the two singles: "For A Moment You Were Mine" and "A Lullaby for the Sunshine". On this record, you'll find the ukulele versions of two songs from Rylander's debut release "Strawberry Skyline" (2013), as well as a handful of new songs for your listening enjoyment!


released October 17, 2015

All music and lyrics written by Daniel Rylander (ASCAP)
© 2015 Daniel Rylander Music
Recorded by: Wes McCraw at Creekside Audio
Produced by: Wes McCraw & Daniel Rylander at Creekside Audio
Mixed and Mastered by: Wes McCraw at Creekside Audio
Album layout by: Daniel Rylander
Photography by: Vanessa Gullo

Drums & Percussion on Tracks 2, 3, & 6 by Stephen Rylander
Additional percussion by Daniel Rylander
Pedal Steel Guitar on Tracks 1 & 7 by Wes McCraw
Additional guitar on track 1 by Wes McCraw
Bass guitar on all tracks by Wes McCraw
All other instrumentation and vocal performances by Daniel Rylander


all rights reserved



Daniel Rylander Akron, Ohio

Daniel Rylander is a singer/songwriter from Northeast Ohio. His newest single, "Sink with Me", is now available on all streaming platforms! A list of shows can be found below, but for more info, please visit his official website. Thank you for your support and continue to enjoy the music! ... more


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