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Strawberry Skyline

by Daniel Rylander

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    Strawberry Skyline: the debut, full-length album from Daniel Rylander. This disc comes in a card board sleeve, lovingly wrapped in plastic to preserve that wonderful new CD smell, with all-original album artwork by Rick Steinhauser. Order now - thirteen tracks of awesome original music are waiting for you today!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Strawberry Skyline via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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"Get the hell outa' Jersey is what she said to me, Everything is going blurry; Strawberry Skyline, umbrella trees. Now what you had in mind is fine this time, 'Cause I, no I don't care..."
"Usher in the evening with a lively melody, And hang up all your worries, darling, The first round's all on me. And maybe if we're quiet he'll never know. So sever the power lines, So that the sun will cease to shine, Besides the low-light brings out your eyes. And if the dancing's too slow, We'll call a cab and send everybody home. Bored folks find themselves romancing. Was all she said in hopes of finding herself alone. It's never been so exhausting, To think about loving you. My escape's at the bottom of a lonely bottle, In a world with a blurry view. And maybe if I'm too loud you'll hear me now. Tonight is the night we can live it up, And soon comes the morning. So make those hits count, There's no backing out now. You sneeze and it's snowing."
"Moving faster, thinking of you. You're the reason I'm through. Waking up all alone hoping you wouldn't let go so soon. Trying to kill the ghost of you, But your memory haunts me like the moon. (The moon). Oh, the moon... Is this my fault, Am I the one to blame again? You swore that no one would get hurt, As you took off your shirt And took me over. Your hair in my face, And all the moves that you make. You make me crazy and now. You've got your hands wrapped around my heart. You won't let me go. The games you play make me want to stay. I've told you before, but you push me away. Growing frantic without you here. Was is all my questions? It's becoming quite clear how you tried, To hide all the lies behind a fake smile. You bleed out all my pain, And leave me in denial. And now I finally see how you got the best of me. I'll never love again. It's too late to hide all the things you held inside. I've seen the way you look at me, What do you see?"
Paper Veins 07:54
"Tell me where you want to go, I'll tell you where I'm going to be. I never said I'd stay or go, Only if you'd have all of me. All or nothing, all or nothing, dear. Only something could make nothing here. Tell me how it's going to be, I'll pack my bags and I'll leave. I hate this way you make me feel, But I know it's got to be. All or nothing, all or nothing, dear. Only something could make me nothing here. I saw the lights flicker in your dying eyes, I said, 'Girl, don't you leave me too.' 'Cause close is too close, And far's just too far when you're not in the room. It's a slow climb to heaven, But I'll get you there. And never say never to love. You've held on for so long, And though I'm not that strong I'll hold you now. So don't the ropes, Let me just hang here. Is it useless to hope that you'll come around? And I've seen you smile before, But I've never quite felt like I do now. To hang in your world, Dont cut me down. And maybe I'd mean more on a blank page, Where paper cuts are only skin deep. Your pen is the needle, And my blood's the ink in paper veins. You go to that place and I'll get you out. She said, 'Your rhymes just won't do like before. You need something closer, And just can't wait around forever.' But don't cut the feed, I need your breathing. Too tired to sleep, But safe in your eyes. And I've been lonely before, But never quite as much as when I think of you. Wherever you are think of me too. Tired lunges can you feel me? I'm just breathing for more. Lonely eyes left in disbelief. Why couldn't I see you before?"
Alive 04:58
"It's days like today, That make me want to get away with you. To get away with you. We could drive for hours and hours, Looking for something to do. Just sit back, Enjoy the ride. It won't be long, Before we reach the other side. I wish I could get away, Leave this place for just one day, I'm tired of this life, I need to find a way to feel alive. I don't know where I'm going, Oh, lucky you're here showing me, How to feel alive. (How to feel alive) I wish I could get away, But I can't get that far, 'Cause I don't have a car, And I guess that's a problem."
"You were a friend and a brother, A nephew and son. I pause for correction, But the past-tense is done. Just between you and me though, You'll still always be my hero. I look to these people with tears in their eyes, And laugh about stories of days long gone by, But I still can't believe that it's true. But be thou at peace now, And brother, I'll see you soon. Be thou at peace in the arms of the Lord. Free from all pain, And fully restored. We ask ourselves why in the prime of your life, The end came so quickly, To leave us denied of the comfort in closure, That hangs on the tongue of goodbye. The words from your mouth were often so few, But the ones that you spoke, Were often so true. You said it's your job, And you swore just one oath: 'For Duty, and Honor, and Country.' 'Blessed are they who are pure in heart, For they will see God.' Hallelujah, Hallelujah. No greater sacrifice than to lay down my life for you. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. I've run this race, And now I'm coming home."
"Lock the door behind you, Breathe in the moldy air. Pray the Lord your soul to keep, But is anybody there? No, they've gone home for the weekend, Leave your message at the tone. I'd love to leave you here, But come on, I'll take you home. I wish you'd let your hair down, It reminds me of the girl I once knew. Skin smelt just like the summer, And her lips always tasted like the moon. I was never that good at dancing, But you taught me to fly, In one night with you. And maybe I never quite let you go. I was wrong, you were right. You can spin my head about the room, And teach our bodies to collide. It's okay, we're only days away from the last time. Lets get this right. And maybe now you thinking, All the tears you cried were so out of place. And the moments that I'm missing, Does it feel the same when he wipes them from your face? And maybe when he hits you, It reminds you that you're alive, And in time they'll go away. The bruises from last night's fight. You don't look the same. (You don't look the same) I was wrong, you were right. You can put your teeth back in your mouth, But that smile don't seem the same. It's okay, someday you'll see the light, And that's the last time. If you're done then I'm done too. And all I wanted, Was to know that I'm good enough. And faith's been discarded. Oh you, oh you. I never thought that I'd meet you here, To face you I'm strong enough, you know, But I'm too scared to breathe. Don't leave, don't leave."
"I'm a pirate and you're a queen. The meetings called to order in between another scene. Don't worry about the clock, It's not time for your circus dress, a dancing mess, Or rowboats in the sky. And what do I have to show for it, girl? A bump on my head, And a sigh of regret. We won't live forever you see. She's in 'cause I'm in, You make three. I'm a cowboy and you're a bird. I could stop at any moment, Just sing me the words. And say that you'll meet me over there, In empty halls with concrete walls, And underneath the stairs. And what do we have to beg for, girl? It's only just starting, you've got the time. So don't back out now, You'll be fine. My truest feelings are... (Never mind) And I know you're scared, Don't waste your time in worrying about, They'll never find out. Don't wait! Drink up! I'm here for the drive home. And I'll try to leave you alone. And I'll try to hide my feelings from you. (It's sad, but it's true) And maybe you'll come around. I said, 'maybe' (Oh, maybe) 'We'll see what I see come around.' Til' then it's just, 'See you around.' I'm a dreamer and you're a ghost, Haunting every thought of mine to say the very most. And if this Act won't be the death of me, We'll do this tomorrow. Until tomorrow (Tomorrow) Stop saying tomorrow."
"So long and sweet dreams, I'll be waiting here for you. Underneath your memories, Where these skies were always blue. Wrapped up in scarves, Set sail with me and we'll touch the stars. Here in my arms with you. I never thought I could let it go. Content to live in your eyes. Sitting by the phone, Hands folded closed. Wet with regret in words never said. I'll take another drag of that cigarette you had, And watch you spin circles in that brightly colored summer dress. Watch me make a shameful mess of this, With my boyish awkwardness. (Yeah) You know I'm trying for you, To be someone that I could never be. Look at this mess we've made, Each cloud that's overhead. These dark and sleepless nights, With flowers in my bed. This little sin, As my fingertips softly touch your skin. Spin circles, spin for me. It's so hard to find that condescending rhyme. Let's face the facts, And misplace the truth. Walk with me through fields of lace, And we'll find our place among the rest, Who claim to love the best. (Yeah) I know what you're trying to be, You're everything and all the world to me. And so the ending of everything that we once knew, To start a new life, And watch our emotions begin to bloom. Would you sing with me, These lullabies to the hum of bees, And fall asleep with me? Fairytale endings don't always seem to come true, But when you're with me, Then I know that they do. Silently we'll find our own fantasy. Just you and me..."
"The nights she said were lonely, As she walked into the rain. It's not a perfect ending, With the same old mistakes. And I know by now you've heard, Love's too strong a word too late. And everything we've had til' now, You'll forget somehow. Don't leave. I lost my head, he said too much. Each lie she used help me forget the memories. Remember me tonight. I said it would be simple, To forget that perfect smile. And the way she made me feel, When there was no sun in the sky. And oh, now the forecast is gray, As all those perfect days say, 'So long.' To everything we had til' now, I'll move on somehow. 'So long...' And all I have to give is what I was before, I'm just a little older now. And you'll see these city lights are only meant for me, Humility boasts misery. (Tonight, oh, tonight)"
Always 05:07
"Dear Mother of mine, Please take some time to read these lines. I'm heading for the city, Got to chase my dreams, I won't ever know if I don't try. So don't wait up for me tonight. And I know that you're crying, But please dry up your tears. You know that I've been itching to get going. So now's the time, I'll be just fine, I'm on the road out of Ohio. And you know someday, I'll make my way back to you. And make up for the days, Full of mistakes that I put you through. 'Cause this world's got me cold, And I'm dying to know if I can be saved, But you know that I'll love you always. Dear Lover of mine, Please take some time to read these lines. Tonight I'm on a train back to the Golden State, Where there's a woman dressed in white waiting for me. And I won't see you again. And I know where you're going, And you know where I've been. And I'm tired of lying, So please just let it be, I've got to leave you here in Chicago."
"Hello beautiful, it's true. Should I be afraid of losing you? Come down and see. Be strong, I won't be long in time. I'm dying to find that finish line, I hope you're there. And I've never been so afraid, But you're not that anxious to leave. Bittersweet goodnight's by your car. Awake, but we're dreaming; The stars in your eyes, girl; Stop time and press your lips to mine. You first, say the words and go. I'm dying to say I told you so, But my arms won't move. Your skin, so close to mine pulls me in, And I'll make a home out of your bones, Call it paradise. And I've never been so at peace, To sleep with the tears in your eyes. I'll float down your cheeks with the tide. Saltwater dreams with the breezes of Spring, And death couldn't stop me if he tried. Heaven's just a happy mistake. The clouds are made of cotton balls, I think I'll jump the gate. And take this dream to where you often sleep. The sun shines much brighter there, On the edge of Timbercreek. Goodbye to lonely nights inside, When the moon decides he's going to hide, And sing the clouds to sleep. And let the rain slip through their fingertips, When I think of you, You're my sunshine. So come out and take me away. To where clouds and their tears can't be. Unless we're safe and inside. Your arms feel just like home, I'll never be alone, We'll fall asleep to the sound of rain on skylights. Heaven's where your fingertips touch mine. And every glance you cast at me, Sends shivers down my spine. 'Cause I'll always long to see you smile. Stay here and lie with me, oh darling, For awhile..."
"California girl, You are the sunshine in my world. And I have tried to forget the way my heart breaks, When I'm thinking of you, Oh, you know that it's true, And I know just where you are. And I will find you. Sentimental boy, You know, it's not that hard to go. My body moves in proportion to your motion. So we're not getting far, Just forget where you are, And try to take it slow. And let go. So many ways to love you, (You) Know that I'd do, Anything just to bring you down onto your knees. So help me please, I've got to find you. (I've got to find you) So this is goodbye, But I can't help just to think about you all the time. And I, I will wait, But the memories they never seem to fade away. And you should know that, Things won't be the same. And how could I just, Start all over again? If I could know just, One more thing to be true. Strawberry Skyline, it waits for you... (It wait's for you)"


The debut album of Daniel Rylander is an all-original collection of rockin' smooth tunes and is guaranteed to be something that everyone will enjoy!

"The whole Strawberry Skyline project got kicked into motion when I experienced such good feedback from my single, "A Friend & Brother (Be Thou at Peace)". Music has always been such a huge part of me and something to be shared with all. In listening to Strawberry Skyline, you will experience a fresh new sound and find something you can listen to with everyone! There are very few genres I left untouched in the making of this record because I love and appreciate all styles of music, and I hope you love it as much as I do. Here's to you for listening and buying my debut album, Strawberry Skyline, and I would like to dedicate it to my older brother and best friend, David Rylander (1988-2012). Cheers!"


released September 3, 2013

All music and lyrics written by Daniel Rylander (ASCAP)
© 2013 Daniel Rylander Music
Recorded by: Wes McCraw
Produced by: Wes McCraw & Daniel Rylander at Creekside Audio
Mixed and Mastered by: Wes McCraw
Album artwork by: Rick Steinhauser
Photography by: Katy Chessar
Featured artist(s): Wes McCraw, Shelby Denton, Tom Siebert, & Allison Good


all rights reserved



Daniel Rylander Akron, Ohio

Daniel Rylander is a singer/songwriter from Northeast Ohio. His newest single, "Sink with Me", is now available on all streaming platforms! A list of shows can be found below, but for more info, please visit his official website. Thank you for your support and continue to enjoy the music! ... more


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